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Recipe By : Patricia Wriedt - Mexico City - pwriedt@spin.com.mx

8 Tortillas de maiz
1 cup Prepared "salsa", green, red, brown *
1 large Breast of chicken previously cooked -- maked strips
1/2 cup Sour cream
1/2 cup Fresh cheese ground
1 large Onion fresh and cut in rings
Vegetable oil
Side Dish: Beans and eggs -- prepared as you like

* any Mexican salsa with chiles.

Cut the tortilla in squares, fry in vegetable oil and when fry let stand in paper towel for dry the excess of oil. Cook the "salsa" and when the salsa is done and hot add the tortilla fry, add the chicken strips and cook one or two min only for warm the ingredients.

Then serve and adorn with cream, onions and cheese.

Patricia Wriedt.

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