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These are recipes translated into English and shared by Patricia Wriedt from Mexico City. Download all of Patricia's recipes in a single zipped file in Mastercook export format. You do not need Mastercook to use these recipes. They are in a plain text file.

Here are all the recipes I have write in English. I think some of them are not in correct English but I think the people understand this.




Here are 3 basic recipes for to prepare salsas: 1 with red tomatoes, 1 with green tomatoes and 1 with dry chiles. I am also including a Guacamole recipe.

The sauces "salsas" in Mexico are very common, I can say, every family have their own sauces recipes, and sometimes no want to tell the secret to nobody is a family secret. Other times the sauces are prepared for the maids (is very comon to have maids in our houses) and the taste depends on the town the maids are from.

Many years ago without blenders we used a "molcajete" it is a morter maded with black stone, sometimes I made the sauces in the molcajete because is another flavor, but usually I use the blender as many mexican people do. I am proud because I have my grandmothers molcajete, with the time this stones are better, and besides is difficult to find one good molcajete, the news are not good and need to be cured very well because the stone adds powder to sauces and that is not good.

Here are the basic recipes, but you can make experiments with all, for example the basic red sauce say serranos, well you can use fresh jalapenos or use one poblano (peeled and deveined you know) or both or three or add some dry chiles previously soaked in water and you will have another sauce, this recipes and sometimes nobody understand me and think: this is not a good recipe because only have a few ingredientes or a few chiles, are BASIC RECIPES, then you can add and change the ingredients as you want, there are people that only mix chiles serranos with salt and that is the sauce and have a wonderful flavor, the imagination is the limit. There are another variations in the recipe for to prepare sauces with dry chiles, you can add green tomatoes or add red tomatoes.

There are two ways for to preprare the tomatoes both, red and green: put water to a boil and add the tomatoes one by one for to make easy peel them or do as Dora said: put the tomatoes on the low flame in a comal or a thiny pan let the tomatoes looks black in some parts -this add another flavor to sauces- and put all the tomatoes with the black parts in the blender with the other ingredients. You also can use a colander for to eliminate the tomatoes seeds, some people do not like the seeds.

You also can add garlic or do the sauce without garlic. You can eat fresh salsa or fry it and add more water if you want to put chicken on it. You can play with the ingredients, that is the best way for to make salsas and create your own, but remember if you are going to do a Mexican salsa, or want to fry the salsa use vegetable oil, in Mexico is not common to use butter for sauces, besides the parsley is good, but we do not use parsley in sauces we always use cilantro, is a very different flavor.

You can add avocado to the green salsa and mix them. You can use vinegar to add another flavor to the sauces.

I hope do you like this basic recipes and find your own taste with them.

Basic Green "Mexican Salsa"
Basic Red "Mexican Salsa"
Basic Salsa with Any Kind of Dry Chiles
Tom and Patricia's Mango And Jicama Salsa


Bolillos (Mexican)
Tortillas De Maiz


Mexican White Rice for Ordinary Days (Microwave)
Traditional Mexican Red Rice
Rice with Poblanos


Poblano Soup with Broth (Mexican)
Poblano Soup with Milk
Sopa De Fideo Con Caldo De Frijol (Fideo Soup with Beans)
Sopa De Lima (Merida, Yucatan)
Sopa De Pasta (Mexican)
Sopa De Tortilla
Sopa Mexicana de Flor de Calabaza (Pumpkin flower soup)


Aguacates Rellenos Con Atun
Chiles en Nogada (Poblanos in Walnut Sauce)
Cochinita Pibil (Yucatan, Merida Mexico)
Eggs with Tortilla De Maiz
Frijoles (Beans)
Jalapenos Con Queso En Vinagre (Jalapenos with Cheese)
Jalapenos En Vinagre
Meatloaf with Poblanos
Patricia's Mexican Cream Cheese Sandwiches
Patricia's Poblano and Potato Side Dish
Poblano Sauce for Chicken or Spaghetti (Mexican)
Rajas Con Crema (Poblanos with Cream)


Here are some of Patricia's favorite non-Mexican recipes.

Chicken Salad for Sandwiches
Ham Salad for Sandwiches
Hamburgers for Sandwiches
Herring with Cream for Sandwiches
Herrings with Beet Salad for Sandwiches
Patricia W. Wild Rice Salad
Steak Tartara Sandwiches

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